Cost Of A New Website

So on to the next question. How much will this cost?

Not as much as you would think, with BeBizzy Consulting anyways. All of our development is built on the WordPress CRM system. The code is installed in our shared server environment, backed up nightly, secured and kept updated by some great software, and is incredibly easy to navigate and edit. Best of all, the themes we purchase and use are all responsive and have been tested on many devices across many browsers to ensure your potential clients are getting to you regardless of which device is used.

So what’s the next step? Well, contacting us would be the best, easiest next step towards determining if you need to complete the migration to a responsive site. There are definitely a few more items to be concerned about like current SEO efforts and other special coding that may exist. If you want to do some checking for yourself I would suggest making a list of competitors or businesses similar in other areas and checking their websites. If you’re seeing others already configured for responsive, you’re already behind. If not, it’s a chance to jump out front and potentially capture some market share.

Responsive web design is not new, nor will it be going anywhere soon. Designing a site that’s capable to be displayed on virtually any device and display similar information is huge in minimizing the cost of multiple SEO campaigns and managing several versions of one site. Contact BeBizzy Consulting and let’s see how we can move you towards that mobile-friendly website. You decide what you want on the site, then leave the technical stuff to us.

Important Topic Info

Additional Website Costs

What do I need to begin?

There are several steps in building and launching a new WordPress website. Most clients immediately jump to “how much will this cost me?” but there’s a lot to do before THAT can be determined.

Engaging BeBizzy Consulting early in the process can help identify the needs, the wants and the nice-to-haves of the website while at the same time helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Some things to consider :

  • Do you already have a domain name that matches your business name or culture?
  • What should your page focus on to guide potential clients through their possible questions?
  • Should the layout be traditional, modern, or cutting edge? All are possible with a WordPress website.
  • Are there special integration needs with industry-specific software or can the task be achieved with easier, less-expensive methods like plugins?
  • Need a shopping cart, calendar, social media, membership or other special feature?
  • What is the timeline? Is this something launching in several months, or do you need it right away?
  • Who’s going to manage the site? Will there be a sharp learning curve? Not with a WordPress website!
  • Listen to the BeBizzy Break Podcast Episode 53 where we talk in detail about planning and budgeting for a new website.

And NOW we can start talking about price… maybe.

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