About BeBizzy Consulting

Why BeBizzy Consulting?

BeBizzy Consulting is owned and operated by Marv Dorner and is located in Mandan, ND . The website is bebizzy.com and phone number is 701-214-6271.

Marv has been programming and building computers since the 1980’s, starting with coding BASIC on a Commodore-64 and working his way through early Windows, then building some LINUX desktops and now mobile devices and Chromebooks.

BeBizzy currently hosts nearly 100 websites on three servers, including a primary dedicated server for most websites and two shared servers for very small or older websites. We also do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for several clients.

Marv Dorner brings a wealth of knowledge to the consulting and design elements of website creation. He has been a manager of an advanced support team for a large national internet provider, internal sales for a nationwide audio/video conferencing company, and Chief Operating Officer managing the IT, HR, customer support and fulfillment portions of an internet-based company.

Most recently before BeBizzy Marv was the manager of the interactive department of a regional marketing agency.

BeBizzy Consulting was officially launched in November, 2008 part time to build websites for a few small businesses. But in 2014 Marv left the agency to go full-time building and hosting sites for a wider range of clients.

Education is a huge part of BeBizzy’s success. Although  COVID-19 shut down in-person training opportunities for a few years, Marv has continued to attend virtual training, and now back to in-person training,  for WordPress and SEO, and will continue to do so to maintain top knowlege in areas that will affect your website and search marketing.

Marv has also served as a social media “influencer” for national companies such as Verizon Wireless, Ford Motor Company and Yamaha Music.

BeBizzy Consulting Info


  • Launched in 2008.
  • Full-time in 2014.
  • Over 30 years of management, technical and sales experience.
  • Attended in-person & virtual WordCamps and SEO trainings.
  • Experience in high performing “influencer” campaings for large companies, even hosting large Twitter chats for these companies.
  • Also owns a very successfula mobile DJ company.

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