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Using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For Better Security

What Is 2FA (two factor authentication) In the most basic form, two factor authentication (2FA) is : Something you KNOW - password, a PIN, answer to a security question Something you HAVE - driver's license, phone, last four of credit card Something you ARE - face...

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Best WordPress SEO Plugins

If you have a WordPress website and are not using SEO, or search engine optimization, you are missing out on valuable traffic.  Whether your visitors are looking for a place to eat, a place to shop, or someone to perform a valuable service, just about all of them...

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Using UTM Tracking in Your Digital Strategy

UTM Codes are a great way to know where your traffic is coming from, regulate costs, and provide information to your and your marketing team.  But they can be intimidating if you're not fluent in some web jargon or internet marketing terms. Today's podcast and blog...

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Increase Site Speed By Decreasing Image File Size

Nothing Will Speed Up Your Site Faster Than Optimizing ImagesUsing a tool like will point out some obvious issues with your website. More often than not image size, compression and resolutions will be at the top of the list to fix. On our first...

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Should You Be Your Own Social Media Manager?

Are you the right person to be running your company's social media? Most of us in business for ourselves think we know our business best, so therefore we should be doing our own web content and social media management. But, many don't really know what the "job"...

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How To Choose and Use WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress to build and manage your website is plugins. These small pieces of code can greatly increase the functions and benefits of your WordPress site, but it's not without some risk.  John Overall of WP Plugins...

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Why I Left Dropbox for Sync

What are Dropbox and Sync? Both are cloud storage systems They ideally take files you create, edit and save to your local computer, tablet or smartphone and push them to a central storage on the "cloud" where they can be saved and edited on other devices or even by...

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Why & How To Stop Using Internet Explorer

Back about a month ago it was announced that Internet Explorer security flaw allows hackers to steal files.Security researcher John Page has revealed an unpatched exploit in the web browser’s handling of MHT files (IE’s web archive format) that hackers can use to both...

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Is It Time For A New Business Phone System? Try Jive!

Still using your old regular phone system or mobile phone for you business?Traditional phone systems... well... suck. They are running on technology that really hasn't changed much in 20 years, have a definite limit on sound quality and reliability, are expensive, and...

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Using Hold Music To Influence Customer Behavior

Ever been on hold? Like... FOREVER on hold? At the time I started writing this article, my time on hold with my bank is 38 minutes, 13 seconds. It's been a roller coaster of emotions based both on the situation and maybe the music.  How Much Thought Goes Into Hold...

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Run All Your Business Processes From One Tool – Accelo

Using Accelo To Manage Your BusinessOn this episode of the BeBizzy Break Podcast I interview Geoff McQueen, CEO and Founder of Accelo, on what prompted this wonderful invoicing, time management, ticketing and lead management system to be created and how you can use it...

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Optimizing Social Media Posts with RiteKit

How RiteKit's Tools Can Help You With Your Social MediaMost of us in business post to social media accounts, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others. But many of us post on each site individually, and if you do use a management tool like...

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Contact BeBizzy Consulting To Design Your WordPress Website

BeBizzy Consulting has been developing, hosting and troubleshooting WordPress websites for nearly a decade and has watched the WordPress platform grow from a blogging platform into a full-blown website system.

There are several core plugins installed on nearly every new website that speed up the development process, secure the website, and provide some valuable functionality.

The earlier you get us involved, the more we can help guide you on the process to getting your very own WordPress website launched for you business or organization.