Podcasting Production

Podcast Your Passion

Thinking of starting a podcast and wondering what you need to do? At BeBizzy, we’re here to show you that producing a podcast can be a lot easier than it seems!

Are you or your business a recognized authority on a particular subject? Start recording and publishing your podcast today.

To summarize here are 12 simple steps to produce a podcast:

    1. Decide what your podcast is about
    2. Define who your target listener is
    3. Find the right podcast format for you
    4. Work out episode length and frequency
    5. Name your show
    6. Plan your episodes’ script and interview questions
    7. Set Up Your Podcast Production Space
    8. Record your podcast
    9. Edit and polish your podcast recording
    10. Launch, distribute and share your podcast
    11. Promote Your Podcast & Grow Your Audience
    12. Repurpose your podcast

Podcasting Statistics

  • 78% of Americans Are Aware of Podcasting

  • Almost 60% of US Consumers Listen to Podcasts

  • 160+ Million Americans Have Listened to a Podcast

  • 28% of the US Population Listen to Podcasts on a Weekly Basis

  • Eight Podcasts Are Listened to Per Week On Average

Instead of being on the radio or TV, podcasting reaches your potential customers where they are at a time of their own choosing. No remembering to set a recording, no interruptions during a live broadcast, just a simple follow/subscription to your show. Then they can listen while they work, drive, workout, lounge, or perform just about any other activity.

Let BeBizzy help you build and distribute your show.

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