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What Are Landing Pages and Why Do I Need One?

Landing PagesYou've probably heard of landing pages. You may even HAVE a landing page. But you also might not know why you have it, what it's doing, or even how to fix it if you're not seeing results.On today's Episode 70 of the BeBizzy Break Podcast we talk with the...

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Bluestacks – Run Android Apps on Your Computer

We all have favorite phone apps to run our business, interact with friends and family, or entertain us.But if you are on the Android system it can sometimes be painful when you can't use your phone and need or want to use that app. Bluestacks runs an Android emulator...

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What to do About Deleting Facebook

BeBizzy News and Notes Reminder, Tax Day is Tuesday, April 17, 2018. WordPress 4.9.5 was released yesterday. It's a small update, and just a few minor releases before the big one, Gutenberg, gets released. Subscribe to the BeBizzy Break Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher...

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Samsung Galaxy S9

Episode 66 of the BeBizzy Break Podcast : Samsung Galaxy S9We're back after a few weeks of traveling, too much work, and an illness thrown in for good measure with episode 66 of the BeBizzy Break Podcast where we discuss the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone and how it compares...

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Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Samsung Note 8

Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Samsung Note 8Weeks ago, I promised a comparison between the Google Pixel 2 XL vs. the Samsung Note 8 smartphones. I purchased the Pixel 2 XL prior to Christmas in 2017, and as a #brandpartner for Verizon wireless, I was given a Samsung Note 8 a...

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Episode 64 – Make Sure You Have Backup Systems

Backup Systems Do you have a critical piece of Now I know this makes me a bit out of the ordinary. Most people still default to notepads, post-it notes, or random pieces of paper to keep short reminders, meeting notes, and ideas, but maybe it's time for you to buckle...

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My Three Words – 2018

My Three Words for 2018Several years ago I read a post by Chris Brogan, a recognized marketer and social media evangelist, regarding his three words. Each year he selects three words that will guide him throughout the year's business landscape and pull him towards his...

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Are You Innovating? BeBizzy Break Podcast EP: 60

Host : Marv Dorner, BeBizzy Consulting Subscribe to the BeBizzy Break Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.  We're back from a short Thanksgiving week break for Episode 60 of the BeBizzy Break Podcast and we're talking about why you should allow some time for...

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Your Tech Is Good Enough – BeBizzy Break Podcast EP: 59

Host : Marv Dorner, BeBizzy Consulting On Episode 59 of the BeBizzy Break Podcast, we talk about the passing of another geriatric internet property, Compuserve, a renewal of the browser wars with Firefox Quantum, and why your technology is good enough. Subscribe to...

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Contact BeBizzy Consulting To Design Your WordPress Website

BeBizzy Consulting has been developing, hosting and troubleshooting WordPress websites for nearly a decade and has watched the WordPress platform grow from a blogging platform into a full-blown website system.

There are several core plugins installed on nearly every new website that speed up the development process, secure the website, and provide some valuable functionality.

The earlier you get us involved, the more we can help guide you on the process to getting your very own WordPress website launched for you business or organization.

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