WP Wednesday Podcast

Originally the BeBizzy Break Podcast, the WP Wednesday podcast has launched to provide information on the internet’s most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress.

Along with posts regarding WordPress, topics on SEO (search engine optimization), social media, digital marketing and other internet technology will be covered.

Interviews with creators, WordPress professionals, plugin developers, and other are encouraged, so if you have suggestions send them to us on our contact page.

Below are the latest episodes of the WP Wednesday Podcast and BeBizzy Break Podcast. 


BBP : EP0036 – Golf. Good for Business?

BBP : EP0036 – Golf. Good for Business?

FORE! Golf is a fun activity participated in by many in the business community. Should you be one of them? Golfing - Good for Business? There are many reasons why whacking a little white ball around a park can help you and your staff land new clients, get better at...


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