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Social Media Marketing

We need to be on Social Media!

Words from the boss that strike fear into marketing managers, IT staff, spouses and small dogs.

While starting a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or a YouTube channel seems easy, and really, it is, now what?! What’s the strategy? Branding? Lead generation? Information distribution? Something for the intern to do?

BeBizzy has been active in Social Media since the beginning (2008 for Twitter, 2007 for Facebook), accumulating around 120,000 Twitter followers, and working with corporate giants such as Ford Motor (#FordDriveSafe), Yamaha Music,  and Verizon Wireless (#VZWBUZZ).

We can work with you to determine your needs and find the right social media vehicle to achieve the goals of your social media campaign by using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even text messaging. And don’t forget about the elder statesman of social media, email marketing. It still works.

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Do what you do, and leave the technical stuff to us.

Let’s Get Started

There are several steps in building and launching a new WordPress website. Most clients immediately jump to “how much will this cost me?” but there’s a lot to do before THAT can be determined.

Engaging BeBizzy Consulting early in the process can help identify the needs, the wants and the nice-to-haves of the website while at the same time helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Some things to consider :

  • Do you already have a domain name that matches your business name or culture?
  • What should your page focus on to guide potential clients through their possible questions?
  • Should the layout be traditional, modern, or cutting edge? All are possible with a WordPress website.
  • Are there special integration needs with industry-specific software or can the task be achieved with easier, less-expensive methods like plugins?
  • Need a shopping cart, calendar, social media, membership or other special feature?
  • What is the timeline? Is this something launching in several months, or do you need it right away?
  • Who’s going to manage the site? Will there be a sharp learning curve? Not with a WordPress website!
  • Listen to the BeBizzy Break Podcast Episode 53 where we talk in detail about planning and budgeting for a new website.

And NOW we can start talking about price… maybe.