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Search Engine Optimization

Why Do I Need SEO?


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important part of your digital strategy whether you’re located in Bismarck or New York. It’s the processes used by web designers and marketers to let search engines like Google and Bing find your products, services and information.

Good SEO isn’t just a good way to build search engine friendly websites, it’s about making it easier to read for your visitors and potential clients as well. Modern search engines have developed a constantly-changing algorithm that “reads” the page content like a human and uses a series of factors to decide if the page is valid for the search term or keyword.

Search engines like Google and Bing are the new method of acquiring customers called inbound marketing. Instead of broadcasting a marketing message on the radio, television, newspaper or billboard, it’s placed on  the website and inside the search engines. When a keyword is searched, Google displays what it feels are the best pages, companies and websites that match the criteria desired by the searcher.

Putting some strategy into the design of the site, the content and the programming can greatly affect how the site is indexed and displayed by the search engines. But as stated earlier, the algorithm changes daily so it’s best to constantly monitor and adapt the pages and content to Google’s parameters, even in Bismarck.

SEO Basics


Make a site optimized for SEO isn’t overly difficult, but it is time consuming and may require some unique skills. The content author has to be able to write for both the reader and the search engines. The programmer has to be able to set up the site in a way to make it easier for Google and Bing to index. The designer has to take into consideration how the page can be easily consumed by search engines and still be attractive to web visitors. And the marketing team has to identify unique demographics and keywords for all of the other pieces to use in the site, content and design development.

There are dozens of items that can be considered including :

  • The entire website structure
  • The domain name
  • Security certificates (SSL)
  • The server response
  • The page content and meta data
  • Competitive sites
  • Links back to your page including social media

All of the items listed above require a fair amount of time and expertise in making a website SEO ready regardless of location.


Do what you do, and leave the technical stuff to us.

Local SEO

There’s a fair amount of discussion about making a website optimized for Local SEO. While it is possible to create content that targets a local demographic, Google and Bing do much of the heaving lifting for certain terms.

Some terms, like WordPress, are a national search term, and Google will display results accordingly. But if a visitor is looking for a local home remodel center in Bismarck, they will be shown local results like Leingang.com.

So while it seems like a great idea to write very targeted content based on a location like SEO in Bismarck, writing content that is valid to the topic is more important for most keywords. Then, it’s important to have easy-to-find maps, contact information, and even to update Local Business Listings across multiple business listings to increase visibility of the website and make it easier to find.

What HURTS A Website’s SEO?

In addition to having GOOD SEO practices in place, it’s also important to fix some under-performing or missing portions of the website or server.

Again, this list could be much longer, but some common issues are :

  • No SSL (security certificate) or an improperly configured certificate
  • No mobile responsiveness, or a dedicated mobile-only website
  • Duplicate content inside the website
  • Mobile interstitials (ads or newsletter signups)
  • Keyword stuffing or hidden links
  • Poorly performing server or website

SEO Consulting 

  • SEO Audit – We start each search engine optimization client with a full audit of the current website and industry. Determination of whether the focus is local or global is key to 
  • Keyword Research and Analysis – What keywords do you currently rank for on Google and Bing? What keywords would you LIKE to rank for? This is a long-term strategy that can involve re-writing website content, adjusting page titles, descriptions and meta information and even re-organizing the page itself. 
  • Website Redesign – Upon review it may just be that the only way to increase the website’s SEO authority is to do a full redesign. Maybe the code is just too old and non-responsive. Maybe restructuring the content is too complicated without migrating it to a CMS like WordPress. Maybe it’s on a server that just isn’t handling the response rate or bandwidth needs. BeBizzy Consulting can help you quickly move the site to a fresh install while maintaining the authority of the old site.
  • SEO Strategy : With all of this in mind do you just need some help in pointing towards the right strategy? BeBizzy Consulting can help you identify a custom SEO assessment for the long-term success of your search engine marketing.