Why I Left Dropbox for Sync

What are Dropbox and Sync?

    • Both are cloud storage systems
    • They ideally take files you create, edit and save to your local computer, tablet or smartphone and push them to a central storage on the “cloud” where they can be saved and edited on other devices or even by other users.
    • Some other examples include :
      • Box.com
      • Google Drive
      • Microsoft OneDrive
      • NextCloud
      • Amazon AWS
    • Not meant to serve as a full backup of the operating system for computers or devices.
      • Carbonite
      • Crashplan
      • Livedrive

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Why leave DropBox?

    • Dropbox was failing to provide some basic needs on my side.
    • Worked great when the size of the directory was small, and I would still recommend it for many needs.
      • https://bebizzy.com/dropbox
      • Sharing/collaborating with partners on files
      • Storing photos off-site and getting them off your devices
      • Working with some online resources to easily save backups to Dropbox since it is considered one of the leaders in cloud storage
      • You can comfortably fit local files on the same hard drive as your operating system

So why Sync?

        • https://bebizzy.com/sync
        • Price
          • For 2TB of storage I was paying $199 per year on Dropbox
          • For 2TB of storage on Sync I paid $96
        • Works better on attached storage
          • I have a second hard drive on my PC. Dropbox had SEVERE difficulty changing the location of my Dropbox folder to anywhere except on the C-drive.
          • Sync let me point where I wanted and it “synced” up immediately.
        • File ownership
          • This storage one is important for one reason… IT LET ME OWN MY FILES!
          • Dropbox works really well with cloud-based storage with nothing on the local machines.
          • However, I’m a believe in the 3-2-1 backup system (3 backups, 2 different types, 1 is offsite) and Dropbox did not play well with local storage on a directory located on an attached hard drive of 650GB. Sync had NO problems.
          • So to leave Dropbox, instead of a button that downloaded everything, I had to open each directory, sometimes two or three folders deep due to size download restrictions, and download a zip file of the folder, and unzip it on my computer.
        • Shared file tracking
          • Dropbox has no method of tracking whether or not a file shared to a partner, client or anyone else has been accessed.
          • Sync has a checkmark when sharing to notify you when the link has been followed, although nothing is documented when a file has been downloaded. But at least you know it got to them and they attempted to get to it.
        • Better Two-Factor Authenticaion
          • Dropbox does a great job of asking for a code texted to you when an attempt to log in is done.
          • Sync has an email version of that, but also works with Google Authenticator, which is a phone app that provides a changing auth-code. Both are good, but I like the Sync version a bit better.

So maybe it’s just the new toy, or possibly I just outgrew Dropbox. But Sync.com is really doing exactly what I needed in my cloud file storage.

I can get to them from multiple computers. I can save a copy locally on a second hard drive. I can tell if a client has at least clicked the link and went to the file or directory. It’s encrypted and protected by two-factor authentication. And it’s 1/2 the price of Dropbox.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from using Dropbox. It’s a wonderful tool, works well with backup solutions, is familiar to many business people and clients, and works… most of the time. If you want to check it out, go to https://bebizzy.com/dropbox and sign up.

But if you need/want more from your cloud storage, explore other options including Sync.com. Sign up at https://bebizzy.com/sync.

Have any questions or suggestions on going paperless? Leave them below, or send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

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