Using Digital Marketing Methods in Your Business

Marketing : Traditional or Digital?

Most of us have to make some decisions on how to marketing our business. Do we rely on word of mouth and luck? Do we spend money getting print or other media created and run on traditional networks?

Or do we spend a little less on a good website, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Search Ads, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing?

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast

What Are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

We all know how traditional marketing works. You give your newspaper, billboard vendor, tv or radio ad company money, and they put your message on their network. Then you wait… 

Rarely do you get any accurate data back on how many people saw the ad, acted on the ad, or were just in a position to see it. You definitely don’t get accurate data on how many people made a purchase because of the ad. Digital marketing can change that.

  • Easy to track
    • Cookies
    • Google Analytics
  • Can target, and even re-target the same person after they leave
  • Pay pre impression or “click”
  • Easier to focus on a small demographic
    • Male/Female
    • Married
    • Income
    • Location
    • Marital status

Digital Marketing Methods

There are plenty of digital marketing methods available varying from simple social media posts, to elaborate re-targeting plans requiring tracking pixels, Google Analytic triggers, and much more. Here’s a list of just a few.

  • Google Paid Search
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook photo or video ads
  • Twitter photo or video ads
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • YouTube preroll
  • Spotify & Pandora ads
  • Re-Targetting Ads
  • SEO
  • Local Listing sync in business registry’s
  • Google Business Listing
  • Blogging

Can you advertise digitally by myself?

YES, but like anything it’s important to know what you’re doing, just like handling your own website, social media, etc. Hiring it out can cost a little more, but if there is significant increases in success, that money is well spent!

BeBizzy consulting has experience in many of these areas, so if you need some assistance in getting started, please contact me at, on Twitter, or call 701.214.6271.

What methods do you prefer to market your business? Leave them below, or send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast