Why Aren’t You Using Shoeboxed?

shoeboxedIt’s not too late!  2014 has barely started!

Have you spent the last few year gathering your personal and business receipts into a file, box, or worse, a drawer?  Do you own a cell phone, tablet,  or a scanner?  Would you like to have an easy report at the end of the week, month, quarter or year?

There’s an easy solution you know.  It’s called Shoeboxed, and I’ve been using it to track my business and personal receipts for several years.  It’s free, if you only have a few receipts and do most of the data entry yourself.  But for only a few dollars a month you can upload as many files as you wish, and even have the Shoeboxed staff categorize and do some other data entry.

And in extreme cases, you can send a box of receipts to them, and Shoeboxed will scan and enter the data for all of it!

Get started now while it’s early in the year and get your expenses tracked for you.  Go to Shoeboxed.com and get organized in 2014!