Saving Your Abandoned Twitter Account

A few weeks ago Twtitter proclaimed, then withdrew, that it would be reclaiming expired/abandoned Twitter accounts 

I’m anticipating this is just postponing the “purge.” So what do you have to do to ensure your Twitter profile keeps its name?

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Will You Lose Your Twitter Name?

The announced plan by Twitter to reclaim names that were not being used was an attempt to make these names available for use in the millions of Twitter accounts. It was presented as an attempt to enforce Twitter’s Inactive Account Policy, which basically states an account must log in and tweet at least once every six months.

So if you secured a Twitter name months, or even years, ago, there is a chance you could lose your Twitter handle.

But users reacted with anger and fear that accounts that memorialize deceased family and friends would be removed, taking their tweets with them. These accounts were stagnant because their previous user didn’t provide login info or a way to recover their passwords, so as a result would be caught up in the name reclamation project.

In a good move Twitter announced it would hold off on removing these inactive accounts until a suitable method of memorializing the accounts could be implemented. I believe this is a good move, both on the outside and on the practical fronts. Twitter was a way users interacted for news, humor, stray thoughts and just general communication and I don’t think Twitter ever really thought what would happen when someone passed away and left thousands of “recorded” messages. Regrouping to think of a strategy to make this happen is a great idea.

However, at some point Twitter will try again to gather inactive accounts. Whether it’s a way to save accounts marked as deceased, or just to grab all of them where account transfers have not been done, there are millions of account handles that can be redistributed .

That means if you haven’t logged in to your business or personal account in six months and posted to it when the time comes, you could lose your account.

What Can I Do?

The way to avoid this is about as simple as it gets.

  • Log into your account twice a year.
  • Post something each time.

It can be something as generic as “Happy Friday” or as detailed as inviting followers to go to your website, Facebook page, or stop in at the office, but post something

Just be active. It might not increase your followers or even generate sales, but it will secure your name if you decide to make Twitter a bigger part of your marketing strategy.

And who knows, maybe you’ll see some traction once you get going and it will open up a whole new lane to acquiring new clients or interacting with your current customers.

But be advised, in my opinion this will happen. Twitter will find a way to keep the accounts of known deceased accounts available, and when that happens they will come for the inactive accounts. If yours is one of them, you will lose your Twitter handle.

What do you think about Twitter reclaiming inactive accounts?  Let me know your thoughts, or send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

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