Remember Paper & Pen? The THINKERS Notebook

Remember Paper & Pens?

Earlier today, Google Drive went down and sent a good portion of the internet info a slide as the youth of America struggled to figure out how to get work and classwork done.

I typed, deleted, retyped and decided not to post several condescending Twitter thoughts that centered around the 1000 or so apps and programs that could be used in this instance like Office, Notepad, WPS Office and more. But the solution that ALWAYS works is paper and pen. Need to jot down notes? Paper & pen. Need to create a table with numbers including calculations? Paper & pen.

With all this anarchy it was a little coincidental that I interviewed Jerod Morris, Chief Creative Thinker for the Thinkers Notebook on how paper and pen can be used to be more creative, more in tune with meetings, and how the Thinkers Notebook can help you create and share information.

The Thinkers Notebook

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast

What is the Thinkers Notebook?

The notebook is a smaller, landscape-styled “smart notebook system”. The pages feature a dot-grid on one side, and ruled lines on the other. The binding is plastic rings that allow pages to easily be removed to migrate to a new book, or re-ordered. 

An important feature of the notebook is an IOS and Google Play app that makes it easy to copy, share and notate digitally. 

What Issues Does the Thinkers Notebook Solve?

More and more in our lives we are distracted by digital devices. Smartphones, tablets, computers, IoT devices, smart-TV’s… all compete for our attention.

Some scientific studies point to the benefit of having an actual writing device in our hands and scribeing them on paper or whiteboards. and Jerod made a good point that instead of fully engaging in what is being said in a meeting, often we are trying to remember words being said to get everything in context. 

The Thinkers Notebook was created to have a high-quality notebook that allows users to create and think. AND, it all can be send via an app to other users, yourself, other apps… just about anywhere.

So it’s a good example of finding a way to merge digital and analog processes by taking the notes on paper, then digitizing it to the app.

Anything Else Included With The Thinkers Notebook?

We already talked about the app, but possibly just as important is the Thinkers Workshop. It’s a community where real-life success stories are shared, questions are asked/answered, and videos and other content is posted to get the most out of your Thinkers Notebook.

So head over to and order up your notepad. See if it helps you take better notes and get better information out of your interactions with co-workers and clients. 

Do you use paper & pen to create or take notes? Send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

The Thinkers Notebook

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast