Marketing Your Business Online

contentiskingAs a business owner it’s tough to decide where the marketing budget goes. That is especially true for small businesses in a market like Bismarck, Mandan, or one of the many other small cities in North Dakota.

However, online marketing and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are making it easier to reach targeted customers by using specific age, sex, location and other factors.

How much time and/or money should you be spending on your online marketing budget? A lot of that depends on your need to acquire new customers, the type of goods or services you are offering, and your abilities to put time or money towards a successful online campaign.

Today I’d like to cover some very, very, VERY basic guidelines for marketing your business online in search engines and social networking sites.

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  • Overall – Find common elements like the same images, colors, and message on multiple locations. You should try to use the same logo, header images, colors and profile pictures on every site unless it’s absolutely impossible.
  • Google, Bing and other Search Engines – Claim your business! Most sites have a way for you to say you own a business and have some control over what’s shown here like hours of operation, location, photos and more.
  • Facebook – Create a page, not your personal feed. At some point you will want to share things that should’t be on that business page like baby photos, political opinions or borderline inappropriate content.
  • Twitter – Although limited in the amount of characters you can use, Twitter is a great way to 1) create backlinks to your content, and 2) reach a demographic that spends less time in Facebook
  • LinkedIn – A great vehicle if you’re selling B2B. Set up your business site and encourage you and your employees to set up personal profiles including your business and its services.
  • Your Website – Make sure it’s responsive or has a mobile version and/or app. More and more customers conduct a majority of their online lives on mobile devices, make sure you can reach them.

This is a lot of work, but if it’s done right and it’s done often enough an be a very effective acquisition tool for your business.

Below is an infographic that displays a few small business online marketing trends. Check them out then make some changes to your online presence. OR, contact BeBizzy Consulting and let’s discuss your internet marketing needs, then leave the technical stuff to us!

Online Marketing for Small Businesses #InfographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan