Manage Multiple WordPress Installations with ManageWP

Most of you have one, maybe two websites that you are in charge of to run updates, clean out comments, or back up the site on occasion.

Most of you, again, do all of this manually, or in some cases, never, and it’s a scramble to recover when something bad happens.

But what if you could manage dozens of sites all from once place and even get recommendations on your site for SEO and other great information?

ManageWP is that tool. It’s a small plugin that you install to your WP site, then log into the website or Android/iOS app to see and conduct any necessary tasks. From this central spot you can:

  • List and/or group your sites into easy-to-manage bundles.
  • Update all your themes and plugins right from the dashboard.
  • See all of your recent comments and manage SPAM comments from here.
  • With the proper account you can back up the site from the dashboard to Dropbox, Amazon S2 or other service.
  • This tool can even help you clone or migrate the site to a new host or other location.
  • Advanced programs can even help with SEO (search engine optimization).

Pricing is based on the needs of the site(s), length of contract payment, and number of sites managed but compared to the hours of wasted time logging into each site and updating, the cost is minimal.

I don’t know how I managed all the sites I managed for as long as I did without ManageWP, so get signed up today. But if you just want to hand off the management completely, I would be happy to add this to my ManageWP system and take care of the updates and other systems as well, so don’t hesitate to contact me.