Google Mobile Indexing Starts in March 2021

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Google Will Start Exclusively Indexing Mobile in March 2021

This is the WP Wednesday podcast episode 125 : Google Mobile Indexing Is Here!

My name is Marv Dorner of BeBizzy Consulting and today we’re going to talk about getting your site ready for use on mobile devices.

Google Mobile Indexing Is Here!

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast

Google Mobile Indexing Tips 

There is technically no difference between mobile and classic desktop indexing.

  • For years Google has managed two indexes, but both simply index what it can and present the results depending on which device is being used by the search user.
  • Because there are many desktop and mobile sites for the same domain, Google has indexed different portions of the site that are “visible” to each device. 
  • Google has also been indexing mobile only since July 2019, so if you’ve launched a new site since then, the site is already in the database as mobile.

What do you need to do to prepare your site for mobile indexing

  • Your website should provide the same experience whether it’s desktop or a mobile device. All of the content (video, text, images, etc) that you want tied to the page should be shown on all devices, especially mobile since that’s what Google will be using as a milestone.
  • Ensuring Googlebot can access and render mobile and desktop page content and resources.
  • Making sure the mobile site contains the same content as the desktop site.
  • Using the same meta robots tags on the mobile and desktop site.
  • Using the same headings on the mobile site and desktop site.
  • Making sure the mobile and desktop sites have the same structured data.

Google warns that if you purposefully serve less content on the mobile version of a page than the desktop version, you will likely experience a drop in traffic.

  • The reason? According to Google, they won’t be able to get as much information from the page as before (when the desktop version was used).

Tools to test mobile indexing

Viewing of mobile websites has increased from over 30% in 2015 to now over 50%, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Even if your customers are thought to be mainly on desktop and laptop computers, mobile indexing will force you to get your website designed for mobile use starting in March 2021. 

If you need help getting this process done, especially in a WordPress environment, please contact BeBizzy Consulting at and let’s get your site ready for mobile use.

Google Mobile Indexing Is Here!

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast