You are HERE – Google Maps Alternative (Android)

Here logo 2012You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who uses anything other than Google Maps for most location tasks.  It’s installed on all Android devices, is the standard when you do a desktop search, and has pretty up-to-date information.

A competitor has emerged, and it’s HERE.  No, that’s the name, HERE.

It works pretty much like Google Maps, but one feature that is going to be very helpful is the ability to download maps and do turn-by-turn navigation offline.

That might not seem like a big deal to all of you urban dwellers except when you’re in an area that can’t get a signal, but to rural travelers this is a big deal.  Oh, Maps can show you where you are… on a big white screen.  But HERE allows you to download the map in advance and see your location on the map, signal or not.

Traffic and businesses are easy to look up and overlay on the screen.  It works great in portrait or landscape mode.  And it allows storage of itineraries for future use.

This great app is free on Android, with an iOS version promised in early 2015.  Go HERE and get it!

As usual, here’s the promo video: