Drippler (Android & iOS)

dripplerThose of us who love installing (and uninstalling) new apps on a regular basis are always looking for a new and easier way to find the best and the upcoming apps.

Drippler is an app that provides a personalized tech news feed on a scheduled basis.  The feed takes a look at the type of phone you are using then sends you updates on apps, accessories, news and other info related to your phone and operating system.

Then set the app to display drips on a weekly, daily or as-posted basis.  Change the font, whether you want game drips or not, then sit back and enjoy the goodness.  There are reports of users discovering free accessories for their phones, and other users discovering powerful uses for their devices they never would have known otherwise.

Drippler is available for both android_app_on_play_large and Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40_0824.  For a brief demo check out the video below.

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