Digitize Old Photos With Google Photoscan

Your smartphone is a wonderful device to capture memories either with comments on social media, saved voicemails, but especially photos and video taken with your onboard camera.

Earlier this month I bragged about the Hasselblad True Zoom camera mod for my Moto Z Force phone, but today Google I saw the next big step in saving memories, Google Photoscan.

Digitize Old Photos With Google Photoscan

This isn’t new. For as long as phones have had cameras we’ve been snapping photos of old pictures on the wall or in albums and sending them to friends and family either to embarrass them or just to remember. But it’s always been noticeable with the flash, crooked framing or a table in the background. Google Photoscan does away with most of that!

While scanning a photo isn’t just “BOOP-BOOP-BOOP-BOOP,” it does get easier with a little practice and the results are MUCH better than just firing your camera at the wall. Check out this image I scanned just a few minutes ago from a photo mounted on my wall.

Google Photoscan Kauai

Now compare this to the original photo taken in Kauai a few years ago.

Kauai - Original

Sure, theres a little difference in color, a slight blemish at the top because of the light, but overall, pretty good! Now check out a photo in the same lighting conditions as the first photo just using my smartphone camera.

camera phone

Photoscan logoGoogle Photoscan is a wonderful app for both iOS and Android, so with those long, wintery weekends and evenings coming up, put your phone and Google Photos to work and save some of those old photos lying around the house with your smartphone!

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