Best Hunting Android Apps

For many of us, fall is our favorite season because it’s finally hunting season. Millions wander out into the wilds of the United States with friends and relatives in search of small game, birds, and big game, and most of us are taking our phones with us.

Best Android Hunting Apps

Hunting is a way states and other government agencies use to both manage the populations of game species, and acquire money for a wide variety of conservation efforts. Those of us that participate spend billions (yes, with a B) of dollars to travel, eat and engage in hunting activities. Mobile technology is making hunting safer with navigation, weather and communication apps, and can make the hunt a bit more successful with some range data and environment apps.

  • RangeLog – $4.99 – App for tracking your range time and shooting stats. Great if you shoot competitively or just want to see how your firearm is performing each time you wander to a range.
  • Solunar – Easily see fish and game activity based on the sun and moon locations and visibility. It also displays sunrise and sunset times based on GPS location.
  • SAS Survival – Free – Stay safe in any situation by seeing how to perform first aid, water discovery, and shelter building. Hope you don’t need it.
  • Zello – Free – Use your phone like a walkie-talkie. Only works when you have a signal, but will work across any distance.
  • Maverick GPS Navigation – Free or Paid – Great for marking game or fish location, with the ability to save photos and other data for these locations.
  • Google Maps – Free – This powerful little map app lets you save and label pinpoints on the maps, and then even show you how to get there using the navigation function. AND, it’s probably already on your device.
  • Family Locator – Free – Want someone to know where you are at all times? The Family Locator will broadcast the GPS location as long as you have a connection. Great if you plan on going somewhere new, remote, or alone.
  • Brag! – Free – Post that photo of your big buck or first stream-caught trout on this photo sharing app.

Well, now you’re all set. Head out into the wild and pursue your dream buck. But first get that phone ready with some apps to make your trip more enjoyable.

Good luck, and stay safe!

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