Best Android Fishing Apps

fishing-454367_640The ice has finally melted off the lakes and rivers of the north, and while a good many of you are waiting for fishing season to open, we’re already heading out on the water up here in North Dakota!

Since I’m part of the Verizon #VZWBUZZ Lifestyle team and being addicted to mobile technology it only seemed logical to grab my trusty Motorola Droid Turbo, jump online and find some apps to enhance the fishing experience.  So below are the eight best Android apps I could find to help you catch fish, enjoy the day, and be as safe as possible on the water.

  • Knots Lite – Many a fish tale has been spun over that trophy that got off right at the boat due to a poorly tied knot. Well “knot” anymore (see what I did there? I crack myself up sometimes)! Knots Lite shows you how to tie dozens of great knots to ensure that lure stays on the light when hooked up in that big walleye or bass. Knots Lite is FREE on Google Play.
  • My Fishing Advisor – Knowledge is power, and knowing when the fish are going to be biting can mean the difference between that fishing trip being a lot of fun catching fish and a lot of fun drinking beer. Somehow those two scenarios don’t seem so bad, do they? Anyways, My Fishing Advisor uses the SoLunar tables to determine when the best feeding and activity times for fish are based on your location, the moon phases, weather conditions and more. The solunar tables used to be the first thing I would read in Field & Stream. My Fishing Advisor does cost $4.99, but well worth it if you want to see what time you should be heading out on the water.  And don’t forget the beer.
  • Fishing Mobile – want to track what you caught, when, how and with what? Fishing Mobile will do that and more. Now you can instantly record the conditions, gear, speed and everything else in one place so the next time you’re wondering what to use that info is at your fingertips. Another free app available at the app store.
  • Rain Alarm – Who doesn’t like to be on a boat when it’s sunny, 75-80°, no wind? But throw some clouds and rain into that and most of us are heading for the dock. Know it’s coming before the other guys with the Rain Alarm. It will alert you when rain is in the area, how severe and what percentage of the area will be hit. Great for picnics, baseball games, motorcycling and tons of other outdoor activities.
  • American Red Cross First Aid – Sharp hooks, knives, sharp sticks, boat seats, open water… fishing has a lot of easy ways to get hurt. Be prepared (I was a Boy Scout once) with the American Red Cross First Aid app and fix those little boo boos so you can get back to staring at your fishing rod all day.
  • Fish Recipes – You caught it, now it’s time to enjoy the rewards with a new recipe. Fish Recipes contains hundreds of new ways to cook and enjoy your catch.
  • Google Maps – You can’t fish if you can’t find the fishing hole. Use Google Maps to look up, pinpoint and navigate to your favorite or new fishing site.

There are so many more, but I hope this list wets your appetite and gets you navigated towards fishing success. And don’t forget to share those photos and stories on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and everywhere else! I’m sure I missed some of your favorites, so leave them in the comments below, or better yet, shout at me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

Stay safe on the water, get licensed up, and take a kid fishing!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I receive devices with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own.