BBP:Eposide 17 – Holiday Marketing with Mandy Edwards and Google Photoscan

Oh the weather outside is frightful… or at least it will be in a few days. Big storm a’comin’ to the midwest and heading east.

BBP: Episode 17 – Google Photoscan and Holiday Marketing

But inside here on the BeBizzy Break Podcast we’re just talking about the holidays and your marketing.

  • Google Photoscan – need to digitize your old photos and upload them to social media or a secure cloud location? Photoscan will do just that. Available for the iOS & Android devices you can easily scan any old photo or document and keep it digitally.
  • Mandy Edwards from ME Marketing Services  joins the Break to discuss getting your small business ready for the holiday season with some tips on making your digital locations as well as your traditional marketing efforts a bit more seasonal.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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