BBP : Episode 13 – Goodbye Vine & the Apple Startup Sound, SEO Keyword Throttling, and New Computers

Happy Halloween, everyone!

We’re celebrating by releasing Episode 13 (ooooooohhhh, spooky) of the BeBizzy Break Podcast where I talk about :
  • New Apple Macbook Pro and Microsoft Surface Studio computers launched last week at big prices.
  • Goodbye to Vine
  • Speaking of goodbye’s… the Apple startup sound won’t be included in new computers or operating system updates.
  • Google has announced throttling of Google Keyword Planner tools for those not spending an un-announced threshold with AdWords.
    • Alternates include using MOZ Keyword Explorer, SEMRush, Search Metrics, and KeywordTool,io. Or it might be time to hire a dedicated SEO person
  • Looking for your favorite task management software and/or app. Send them to @bebizzy on Twitter.