BBP : EP0036 – Golf. Good for Business?


Golf is a fun activity participated in by many in the business community. Should you be one of them?

Golfing – Good for Business?

There are many reasons why whacking a little white ball around a park can help you and your staff land new clients, get better at what you do, and just create a great environment for you to conduct informal business.

Some other benefits as posted for the MGT Open are :

  • It’s a 5-hour meeting. Good luck landing that with a client or even with your staff.
  • Golf reveals the true character of both your potential clients, and yourself (so be careful).
  • Business Golf is ideal for developing exclusive business leads, thanking clients and staff, brainstorming and team-building.

And more! Check out the link to the PDF.

And don’t worry if you’re a poor golfer, the game can actualy help if you’re not just a little better than the person you’re meeting with. And there are games like a scramble, best ball, or others that can help golfers with a higher handicap be on a more level playing field. And, getting better as the summer progresses is a great way to demonstrate that you can/do get better with repetition.

Now keep in mind that many don’t golf, especially in the millenial age group. So if the target demographic spends more time just sitting around drinking a few craft beers or at a coffee shop, that may be more productive for you. Golf works, but both parties have to be willing and able to play. Remember, golf is NOT a cheap outing. By the time you buy/rent clubs, pay greens fees and cart rentals, and throw in some food and drink, it can be an expensive, but fun day.

So tee it up, network with your friends, and enjoy a day out in the sun talking about your business. You never know what might happen.

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