Additional Uses for Forms On Your Website

Forms are great for gathering data

We pretty much all have forms on our websites. They are wonderful for having a formatted method of sending emails to us without allowing too much customization, loss of data, or emissions by customers.

But did you know you could also use forms for hundreds of other uses? 

On today’s BeBizzy Break Podcast we talk about a few of the ways  you can use forms in addition to email forms.

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Email forms are great ways to gather required information like names, email addresses, phone numbers and the like. But a large number of other WordPress plugins allow the creation and use of other forms to greatly extend the functionality of the website, and increase the conversions.

Some of the form plugins I use on websites are Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Ultimate Member and more.

  • Signups – Email newsletters, mailing list, or creating a website user . The basic construction is inside WordPress, but MailChimp, Constant Contact and other newsletter systems have form builders that allow you to customize and gather the information you want.
  • Single Product Sales Form. Have something you want to sell on your website but giant tools like WooCommerce are too much? Instead, create a form that has the Purchase button built in and sell it right inside the form.
  • Gather some information prior to allowing access to digital content. Have a video, PDF, or other digital property that you would like to require some sort of field entry proir to downloading? Forms can require a field be completed, a checkbox to be clicked, or even a password to be entered before access is granted.
  • Connect to another application. Many of us have external applications like project management, time tracking, Dropbox and many others which enhance our technology. I personally use Gravity Forms to send support tickets to my Accelo system. API’s are a great way to hand off data from a form into that application, saving valuable time and again formatting the information in a way that is more usable by you and your staff.
  • Take reservations. I built a form using another Gravity Forms plugin for calendar date selection to send reservation info for a condo in Montana to the website owner. There are tons of extensions available to add functionality to the forms.
  • Booking system. I use forms for my DJ business, BeLoud Entertainment, as a booking system. It gathers a desired username, the couple’s names, contact info, date and a few other items. All of that information is now there so once I can approve the date, it transfers all of that into a booking system WordPress plugin.
  • Multi page questionnaire. Some people really frown on filling out a HUGE form, but if you just show one or two fields, then transfer that to another page with three or four more fields they will most likely comply.

These are just a few of the ways you can use forms to enhance your website. I also use forms to schedule meetings and podcast interviews. Build a quiz, gather resumes, get critical informatin via surveys, let users add data to a business directory… all are creative uses for forms on your website.

Have any questions or suggestions on using forms? Leave them below, or send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

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