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Years of Experience

Completed Projects & Hosted Sites

Average Project Completion

All WordPress Websites Include


Responsive layouts that look great on large screes, tablets and mobile phones.



Free SSL certificate with all new websites or website re-designs, hosted on our server.



All sites are optimized for search engines with proper page titles and meta descriptions.



All images are optimized and compressed to achieve the best loading times to help with customer experience and SEO.


We install and configure a CDN service to host your images and other non-changing content to speed up the loading of your site even more.

The Latest BeBizzy Break Podcast and Blog Articles

Fonts In WordPress

Fonts In WordPress

Using Fonts in WordPress Most websites have images. Some have videos. Others have database connections, feeds from other sites, shopping carts, and others item. But it's fair to say that EVERY websites has fonts. From the classic Times New Roman, to newly launched...

What Technology Do I Need to Manage WordPress?

What Technology Do I Need to Manage WordPress?

What Do You Need To Manage WordPress? WordPress lives entirely online. The wp-admin portion of a WP site allows the admin to manage everything from one spot. On the admin you can create posts and pages, add media (images, videos, audio and documents), add/manage...

Sending Emails from WordPress Sites

Sending Emails from WordPress Sites

Why doesn't WordPress send emails without any configuration? The easy answer is, it does... sometimes. Some hosts and website work without any editing to the WordPress install or even the plugins to send emails from forms. It' uses the PHP Mail function. But some...