BBP: Episode 8 – Rob Port, Goofy Wants To Buy Twitter, and Yext

BeBizzy Break : Episode 7 – Google & Twitter, Yahoo Breached, a C-64 Fixed My Car?, and the Debate

BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 7

Today’s episode of the BeBizzy Break Podcast features some discussion on :

  • Google, Microsoft or Verizon interested in acquiring Twitter? What does that mean for the social media platform?
  • Yahoo was breached back in 2014. Change your password now!
  • When is it time to give up on your old technology and move to something modern and possibly more reliable?
  • Project AirGig
  • And tonight’s Presidential Debate


Why Haven’t You Backed Up Your Phone Data?

Why Haven’t You Backed Up Your Phone Data?

“… and you didn’t have this backed up?”

I got to utter those words a month or so ago when I was called about a computer that was taken over by a ransomware program.

As a computer tech these words bring so many emotions. Despair, confusion, anger… they all are there. And yet several times a year we get that computer, tablet or smartphone and the user lost all of her photos, all of her contacts, and all of her documents.

There are several reasons for this, first, you just expect technology to work. There’s also lack of knowledge of backup options, inability to afford costly solutions, lack of time, and let’s face it, sometimes it’s just being lazy.

Technology Fails

Well let’s just get this out of the way… your technology WILL fail at some point. Hard drives can only spin so many times before they die, flash memory isn’t immortal and phones get dropped. So knowing failure is inevitable, why would you NOT back up? And it’s easier, and cheaper, than you may think.

Below are a few ways to get information off your phone and into the cloud. We’ve all heard the term “cloud” being thrown around, but it’s simply this. It’s a series of computer servers accessible through a controlled login system that allows users access to their data from any device that can control that access. Meaning if you save something on the cloud, you can usually get to it from nearly ANY phone or computer you own, or in some cases just are able to access the internet.

A quick word of warning! Getting this information off your local device and backed up, even to a system claiming to be encrypted or secure, can make the data more vulnerable.

  • Your Mobile Phone Provider Network : Most mobile phone networks have a way to back up your phone automatically with tools like Verizon Backup Assistant. You will get a certain amount of data for free, then pay a small amount to keep more data.
  • Dropbox : My favorite backup solution is Dropbox. This cloud service can be set up to automatically back up photos as they are taken, transfer documents to/from your smartphone, and share folders out to co-workers or family. All of my documents I would like to back up are saved on my computer not to the Documents space, but to my Dropbox folder where they are automatically uploaded and saved to other devices. You can also use it to save sound, video and other files. And the cost to get a business account is minimal compared to recovery or ransomware costs.
  • Your Google Account : I get common complaints about two things when a new phone is purchased or a phone is damaged; I lost my contacts and I lost my photos. Many of you have a Gmail account, especially if you are an Android user, and if you’re not, they are FREE at There are at least two things that should be done with your Google Account, set up Google Photos, and move all your contacts to be managed by Gmail.
    • Google Photos : Google Photos is a free or low cost (depending on the size of files being backed up) storage of photos that are available on ANY device you happend to be logged into. Smartphones can be set up to upload photos as they are taken and your phone has access to wi-fi. This means the risk of losing photos is minimized. But, a word of warning, photos you may NOT want saved are uploaded immediately as well, so blurry shots and photos of subjects you may not want to save for a variety of reasons are backed up, so clean that out on the Photos app as well.
    • Contacts in Gmail : By importing all your contacts into Gmail, and then adding new ones to Gmail instead of saving locally to your phone, you are again making these available on any device. So when you log into that new Moto Z Droid and connect your Google account, all your contacts are automatically downloaded to the new device. Easy and free, and can be done any number of times you wish.
    • Google Drive : Another major FREE part of your Google account is Google Drive. It can be used really two ways. Some use it as an alternative to Microsoft Office by creating and collaborating on documents right in the browser. A second method is to use it as storage by uploading Office docs, PDFs and other items.
  • iCloud : If you’re an iPhone user Apple has the iCloud built into iOS. It’s located in Settings and you can turn off specific apps to keep unneeded data from being backed up.
  • Back Up To A Computer : Your phone is essentially a data storage device in the eyes of a computer. You can always back up your photos and other information by plugging it in as a USB device and pushing/pulling data from it almost like treating it as another hard drive. The downside to this is that you’ve moved it from one potential failure device to another, but the odds of both failing at the same time are remote. And for what it’s worth… BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER TOO! You’ll be happy when your hard drive stops, you need that important Word doc, or ransomware takes over your computer and you could fix it by re-installing Windows instead of paying that shady dude on the phone $1k.
  • Paid Backup Apps : There are a few paid solutions like Carbonite & iDrive out there. These promise a bit more encryption and safety so if you have more that just a few photos and contacts, you may wish to consider going this route.

Why are you still reading?

Please, please, PLEASE back up your phone and computer data! It really only takes a few moments and you’ll be SO happy when the day comes to either move to a fabulous new phone or your device meets a horrible end. I personally back up my photos/videos to both Dropbox and Google Photos simply because it’s cheap and I can get them from anywhere. And I change phones as a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger every few months so having my contacts sync immediately is a huge benefit.

Or, take your chances that your device won’t ever fail while you own it, and if it does you can pay me a few bucks to try to salvage things off the memory. Personally, I’d rather show you how to set up the new device than attempt to recover damaged data, so you can stop reading and set up your backup now.

Have suggestions, questions or comments on these backup solutions? Either use the Contact Us form, or drop me a message on Twitter @BeBizzy!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencing users, I received mobile devices with line of service from Verizon (#ad). No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own. By the way, we meet every Friday @ 2pm CT on Twitter to discuss mobile phones and how you can use them in your daily lives. Join us! 

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BBP: Episode 8 – Rob Port, Goofy Wants To Buy Twitter, and Yext

BBP : Episode 5 – New Office, iPhone 7 & WordPress Updates

On today’s show we talk about why I missed last week while I moved computers, desks, exercise equipment and a host of other junk to a new office.

We also talk why this year’s iPhone is just a place holder for next year’s 10 year anniversary device, and updating WordPress and Divi.

Have a comment, question or even an interview suggestion? Contact me or send me a note on Twitter @BeBizzy.

Then leave the technical stuff to us!

BBP: Episode 8 – Rob Port, Goofy Wants To Buy Twitter, and Yext

BBP : Episode 4 – Tobi Walter from Shoeboxed

Episode Four of the BeBizzy Break Podcast features a great interview with Tobi Walter from Shoeboxed, joined by Claudio Amand.

Shoeboxed is a receipt and expense organizer that allows users to uploaded scanned or photographed receipts and organize them for easy presentation to accounting and tax preparation staff. I’ve been a user for several years and couldn’t run my businesses without it.

Tobi also talks about how Shoeboxed is being used for banks and financial institutions, and hints at some additional functionality.

To-Do List Before Updating a WordPress Theme

To-Do List Before Updating a WordPress Theme

There’s a few days to a web developer that are like Christmas. Usually it’s when they get a new computer, new software, or sometimes, when a new theme gets released.

But, new themes are not without danger. Occasionally there’s a conflict with installed plugins, custom programming, or just CSS changes and often the only way to determine if there will be an issue is to install the update on a live site. FYI, this is NOT the recommended situation, but sometimes it’s all you have in a small business.

So it’s important to do some pre and post-work on themes to make sure it’s OK to move to a new, or update your current theme. Below is a checklist you or your website developer should be following before throwing the switch.

  1. Document Current Known Custom Programming – Make sure you have a list (documented or in your head) of everything that’s been added as custom programming to a site. Many times simply doing a small .x update to a theme can overwrite files that have been edited to your needs or likes.
  2. Check the Footer! – Adsense codes, Google Analytics, custom footer text and more often get added to the theme’s footer file. This is one of the files often moved to a child theme for just this reason, so make sure you know what’s there.
  3. Research Known Theme Testing Stats – Most of the time the theme will have been tested against several versions of WordPress prior to launch but make sure your version gets a green light prior to installation.
  4. Back Everything Up – Back up your files, the database and everything the site has so it’s relatively easy to go back if this update goes sideways. You’ll be happy you did!
  5. Notify Clients – Prior to updating, notify your clients and tell them when and WHY you are updating, especially if it will change how the user interacts with the admin page, has to edit current page data, or even log in.
  6. Delete Unused Plugins and Themes – Not only will this make the site easier to edit when you do have to find a solution to a problem, extra code causes longer load times and can even be a security risk if the plugins are not being updated.

Now, you’re ready to install the update. Run it, wait for it to finish, and then…

  1. Log Back In – Make sure the admin comes back up. If you use a plugin to “move” the login page, make sure it still works and you can still log in there.
  2. Test Several Browsers –  Most of us have our default browsers, but make sure it works across as many as possible to identify potential issues.
  3. Test Several Devices – If you have them, it’s great to test across several computers, phones, tablets and other devices to make sure your site looks as it should.
  4. Request User Feedback – Publish a blog post, Facebook message or Tweet stating that you have updated the site and to notify you of any issues that pop up. Then address them as quickly as possible, as you most likely will hear from far less people than actually have seen or experienced the errors.

Not an all-inclusive list on what you can and should do in the event of a theme or WordPress upgrade, but it’s a start. I’m looking forward to a major Divi upgrade sometime today, so I’ll be, or have already, following this list to ensure a smooth update for my sites, and for my clients.

Have a suggestion I left our or a comment on this list? Leave it in the comments below, or drop me a not @BeBizzy on Twitter.

BBP: Episode 8 – Rob Port, Goofy Wants To Buy Twitter, and Yext

BBP : Episode 3 – Cables, Sports, Updates & Manage WP

Episode Three of the BeBizzy Break Podcast on this busy day-after-Labor-Day episode.

Topics include unwinding my giant ball of cables and ancient technology, college football apps, a pending Divi upgrade, and whether or not I should be afraid of the sale of ManageWP to GoDaddy.

If you have a suggestion for a future interview, please contact BeBizzy via our form or on Twitter @BeBizzy.

Enjoy the conversation with Scott, and don’t forget to give us a review on iTunes or Stitcher!

BBP: Episode 8 – Rob Port, Goofy Wants To Buy Twitter, and Yext

BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 2 – Scott McCarthy, Silicon Plains

Episode TWO of the BeBizzy Break podcast is up and available for download from iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Pocket Casts, so go get subscribed and listen to my interview with Scott McCarthy, VP of Sales at Silicon Plains.

We talk about how a managed services company can enhance your IT staff for all businesses regardless of size.

Silicon Plains is located in Bismarck, ND and their website is Give Scott a call at 701-390-9876 if you’re interested in their services or just want to talk about how a managed services provider can make your technology stronger and work better towards making your business more profitable.

If you have a suggestion for a future interview, please contact BeBizzy via our form or on Twitter @BeBizzy.

Enjoy the conversation with Scott, and don’t forget to give us a review on iTunes or Stitcher!