Microsoft Office Available for Android Tablets

Microsoft Office Available for Android Tablets

androidofficeReally the only downside for using an Android tablet for your primary business device was the fact Office was not available.  Sure, you could force the Office Mobile app to work or use an alternative application to open and edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, but each of those solutions had some drawbacks.

Yesterday, January 29, 2015, Microsoft officially released each app separately for Android tablets after a three-month test phase (which I missed for signup, bummer). The apps will be free for one month, then will require an subscription to Office 365.

As I mentioned, each of the office apps are available separately from the Play Store. So you will have to download Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly.

One thing that surprised me was integration not only into OneDrive by default (included in Office 365), but also into DropBox so sharing and collaborating on files becomes extremely easy.

According to C|Net, these apps word on 7″ or larger tablets running at least Android KitKat 4.4. Microsoft is not “officially” support Lollipop yet but the apps should run on the OS.

Office Mobile has been available for Android Phones and iOS devices for several months and will continue to be supported.

So rejoice Android Tablet users! Leave that laptop at the office and start using your tablet to be more productive anywhere.


Back Up Your Mobile Photos (before it’s too late!)

Back Up Your Mobile Photos (before it’s too late!)

Touch screen mobile phoneIf you’re like many mobile phone users you spent much of 2014, especially during the holidays, taking dozens, maybe hundreds of photos on your mobile device. Have you ever thought what would happen if your phone simply stopped working, or worse, if you lost your phone?

You could get rid of that fear by using one of many simple, and FREE apps and processes to backup all of you photos. And not only will you be protecting your photos from loss, you will also make them available on other devices at the same time. So let’s get started!

  • Verizon Cloud – If you are a Verizon customer, your device most likely already has access to Verizon Cloud. This application will not only back up photos and videos, it will also back up music, documents, call logs and text messages. And to top it off, you can manage your data online at
  • Google+ Photos – Not ideal, since you’re basically backing up photos to a social network. But Google+ Photos actually send them to Google Drive.  Turning this feature on will back up more than just the photos you take with your phone. It will back up any photos your download, save through other apps or even receive in text messages through Hangouts. Check out the Google Help page for instructions on how to turn this feature on.
  • Dropbox – My personal favorite backup is Dropbox. It’s a simple process to turn on the Camera Upload on all/some of your devices, and then they will appear anywhere your Dropbox account is automatically sync’d. In many ways this makes it easier to edit the library by accessing on your computer or tablet.
  • OneDrive – Similar to Dropbox, if you have an Office365 account it’s incredibly easy to back up your photos and video to Microsoft’s OneDrive.
  • IFTTT – This one’s a bit more complicated but much more powerful and flexible. If Then Then That (IFTTT) has dozens of “recipes” that can be implemented to automatically back up your Instagram or Facebook photos, save videos you upload to YouTube, and much, much more. It may take a bit to figure out, but once you master IFTTT you will use it for many, many things besides backing up photos.

There are lots of other methods to keep your photos safe so choose one, or more, and make sure you don’t lose all of those precious moments. You’ll only have it happen one time before you do everything in your power to ensure it will not happen again.

For more tips, join the #VZWBUZZ gang on Friday, February 6th at 2pm Central during our Twitter chat where we will discuss Smartphone Photography. The chat will feature more tips on backing up your photos, as well as taking better photos, editing your pictures and more.

And now that you’re on a backup kick, get on the computer and back up all of your other important documents like tax returns, address books, business documents and more. Again, there are plenty of services that will back up and encrypt this data, so do some research and secure your data!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I receive devices with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Five Ways to Protect Yourself Online

Five Ways to Protect Yourself Online

11407095883_c29ebc0949_zThis week’s #VZWBUZZ Twitter chat will be focusing on how to keep your online profile safe, as well as protecting yourself from scams and other harmful activity. With all the various security breaches at large companies and government organizations it’s important to do all you can to maintain the security of your identity. Below are five easy tips to protect yourself out on the web.

(Note : for more info on joining the chat and how to register for prizes, see the bottom of this post)

  1. Change Passwords Frequently – If there’s one thing you should do to keep yourself relatively safe, it’s changing passwords frequently. This ensures that even if you’re information is compromised, you can limit the frequency of the invasion when the password is changed. When you are changing the passwords, make sure you are using a unique, secure password that contains a variety of characters, does NOT contain common (to you) words like kids, pets, birth dates, etc. There are tools that will do this for you, such as LastPass and 1Password by generating and storing secure passwords automatically.The single most important password to maintain is your primary email address. Why? Most of your important applications like your bank, financial institutions and other accounts will notify you at this address when other changes are made or reports are issued. If someone gets access to your email, they can intercept any transmissions or even change the email password, locking you out for good. Change this password often, and to something secure immediately!
  2. Claim Your Name on Social Media Platforms – This one seems odd, but it makes sense to claim your name on as many social media platforms as possible. This will keep impostors from posing, and posting, as you and social engineering their way through friends and family into your identity. You don’t have to be active on these platforms, but securing your name’s domain, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages will make sure YOU, not someone else, owns them. Most of these sites rise to the top of search results, keeping unwanted information down on deeper search pages (see #3 below).
  3. Search Yourself Often – Got a few seconds while screwing around on your break? Google your name and see what shows up. With luck, it’s your Facebook page, some news articles about your achievements and your wedding announcement. If you’re unlucky, it could be any sort of negative info like bad reviews of your business, slanderous posts on websites, or even incorrect or private photos leaked online. Google provides a great tool to do this automatically called Google Alerts if you just want an email sent to your inbox.
  4. Assume “PRIVATE” Doesn’t Mean Private – 2014 proved that nothing is private posted online even if trusted to large companies like Apple. When you do post something to a site, phone app or other platform be prepared when, not if, that information becomes public. Some sites, like Carbonite and others do a decent job of encrypting this data, but still, use some caution when posting anything, anywhere.
  5. Assume Everything’s a Scam – Last week I received a call from a nice young man (initially) claiming to work for Microsoft and that my PC was crashing the Microsoft “server” because I had a virus. The only way to fix it, was to have his Senior Technicians log into my machine and clean the virus out. This was an obvious scam to me, and experienced computer user/technician, but to a general user this could have been catastrophic when this “senior technician” put some software on the machine that tracked every keystroke, took every document from “My Documents,” and even took down the machine. Microsoft will never call you asking for money to fix a problem. Your bank will never email you asking for to verify your account number, social security number, or anything else. And Bill Gates will not send you $5000 for clicking this link and forwarding the email. Assume everything too good, or bad, to be true is a scam. Ask questions, get contact information if possible, then check online or with experts and law enforcement to see if this is valid.

No one is going to help you stay safe online. Unscrupulous marketers, thieves and pranksters are always looking for a way to harvest your information to be used in a negative way. Take some steps to keep your data safe.

Then, join the #VZWBUZZ discussion on Friday, January 23 at 2pm Central to learn some other ways to keep yourself, your data and maybe even your family safe online and off.

If you want to be in the running for prizes, RSVP with The Online Mom. Stay safe, and I’ll see you on Twitter on Friday! And don’t forget to follow @Bebizzy on Twitter for more great tips!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I receive devices with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did I promise a positive review. All opinions are my own.

My “My 3 Words” Exercise

My “My 3 Words” Exercise

3Every year one of my social media mentors (even though he might not know it) publishes a post with his three words.

The exercise forces Chris Brogan to look at “goals and intentions” for the coming year and filter those goals down to three simple words that may be used as a destination for you in the coming year.

Previous 3 Words for Chris were Reinvest-Package-Flow, Temple-Untangle-Practice, and Ecosystems-Owners-Kings. These seem vague, and that’s intended, but once you pull those words back and find out what build up to that single word, or series of words, you really see the value of the exercise.  After watching this exercise for years, I’m finally ready to take part and announce my #threewords.

My Three Words

  1. Widen – I’ve done a pretty good job of networking in the last few years, both online and in circles offline. In the past I really wasn’t in a position to leverage those contacts into anything other than personal friendships or information sharing. But now with BeBizzy Consulting re-launching it’s time to reach out to those resources and widen the scope of that network. I look forward to reconnecting with past colleagues and to expand on current working relationships to get the word out about BeBizzy Consulting.
  2. Educate – There are huge opportunities to learn in the skills I’ve already developed. I plan on diving head-first into SEO concepts, WordPress security and optimization, Google Analytics and more to make myself more valuable to current and future clients, and also to potential partners on certain projects.
  3. Center – The last few years have been a whirlwind of starting new jobs, sending our only child off to college and adjusting to empty-nest syndrome, and a wild rise in wedding and other DJ events with BeLoud Entertainment. Starting out on my own won’t be any less wild, and the kid and DJ business won’t be going away, but this year will be about concentrating on building BeBizzy Consulting into a successful small business that will continue to grow for years to come.

So what do you think? Are you ready to put your three words down on paper, or the internet? Or have you already done so? Thanks for a great exercise, Chris. Now to see what happens!

Send me your comments @BeBizzy on Twitter or post them below!