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Chris Farley – Patrick Swayze as Chippendales

chris-farley-as-matt-foley-artI remember Saturday Night Live as something worth staying home for.   The characters and skits were funny, occasionally shocking, and often close to the censor’s boundaries.

I’ve tried to watch it recently, and with the exception of when Justin Timberlake is on (who’s surprisingly funny on the show), it’s just a bunch of boring one-liners strung together trying to capture the next catch phrase.

But there was a time when this show rocked.  It spawned dozens of movie and television stars like Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and the late, great, Chris Farley.

Today, we remember Chris, and another fallen star, Patrick Swayze, with two of the funniest minutes in television history.

Happy Friday!

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